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What You Can Do to Support MLAW

CONTACT YOUR LEGISLATORS during the session: (Call, write, or visit legislators to express your support; Contact the lead group or groups to find out more about what you can do about particular legislation or other issues; Attend a legislative hearing and be a visible supporter; Submit written or give oral testimony; Find out how your legislators voted – and hold them accountable.

  • Join MLAW’s list serve to receive legislative information, updates, alerts and other information of interest.  Email us at to be added to our list.
  • Join MLAW by completing our online membership form or donate online using our secure Paypal account
  • Promote MLAW’s Agenda and issues to friends and encourage them to take action
  • Maintain the focus on key areas: health care, reproductive rights, economics, family law, domestic and sexual violence
  • Promote MLAW as a forum for women’s and family issues
  • Increase MLAW’s voice as the spokesgroup for women’s issues – and build women’s collective power
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