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2016 MLAW Legislative Agenda – Final Report

5 Bills on the 2016 MLAW Legislative Agenda PASSED

HB 1003/SB 481   Equal Pay for Equal Work Act

HB 155/SB 278   Criminal Law – Stalking and Harassment

HB 314/SB 346   Peace Orders – Grounds for Relief

HB 740/SB 485   Task Force to Study Family and Medical Leave Insurance

HB 1005/SB 848   Health Insurance – Contraceptive Equity Act (Maryland Contraceptive Act of 2016)


We are very disappointed that the following bills DID NOT PASS despite extraordinary efforts:

HB 580/SB 472   Labor and Employment – Maryland Healthy Working Families Act

HB 646/SB 593   Family Law – Child Conceived Without Consent – Termination of Parental Rights

(formerly the Rape Survivor Family Protection Act)

HB 1175/SB 664   Fair Scheduling, Wages, and Benefits Act

HB 623/SB 866   Criminal Procedure – Postconviction Review – Conviction of Human Trafficking Victim


Click here to view and download the final report: 2016MLAWAGENDAFinal