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Linda Mahoney

MLAW Board member Linda Mahoney passed away unexpectedly on March 8.  She served on the MLAW Board for fourteen years and was an active member, promoting and supporting legislation that impacted women and families.  Linda was an extraordinary advocate for women’s issues and a statewide leader for women’s equality.  She was always ready to do the hard work that advocacy requires and held leadership positions in numerous Maryland organizations.  Among her many commitments, she was a past president of the Maryland National Organization for Women and a past member of the planning committee for the annual Women’s Legislative Briefing in Montgomery County.  She worked actively for the election of numerous candidates for the Maryland House and Senate as well as the United States Congress and was widely admired and respected for her effective efforts and support.  Linda leaves an enduring legacy of commitment and achievement.  Her passion and intelligence will be missed by all those who knew her as an advocate and who counted her as a friend.