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MLAW’s 2020 Agenda is Set!

In November, leaders of state-wide organizations and advocates addressing issues of concern to women of Maryland participated in a conference to identify potential legislative initiatives for the 2020 Maryland General Assembly. Nineteen bills were presented at the conference for consideration.   A ballot was sent to MLAW members who voted on the top priorities which will make up our official 2020 Legislative Agenda.

The MLAW Board of Directors reviewed the results of the balloting and affirmed the bills that will comprise the 2020 MLAW Legislative Agenda.  The issues selected are listed below and described in more detail on our website. The nine bills are:

  • Sexual Solicitation of a Minor – Solicitation Through Parent, Guardian, or Custodian – Prohibition and Penalties (HB246/SB231)
  • Criminal Law – Assault in the First Degree – Suffocation or Strangulation (HB233/SB212)
  • Protective Orders-Relief Eligibility – Rape and  Sexual Offenses (HB248/SB210)
  • Criminal Procedure – Motion to Vacate Judgment – Human Trafficking (True Freedom Act of 2020) (HB242/SB206)
  • Public Safety – Rifles and Shotguns – Secondary Transactions (HB4/SB208)
  • Labor and Employment – Wage History and Wage Range (HB123/SB217)
  • Time to Care-Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program
  • Correctional Services-Prerelease Unit for  Women-Requirement
  • Criminal Law – Sexual Crimes – Repeal of Spousal Defense (HB590/SB230)

You can read more detailed information about each of the bills here: MLAW 2020 Agenda Bills