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What You Can Do to Take Action on Legislation

MLAW (Maryland Legislative Agenda for Women) is a statewide group of organizations and individuals working to provide an independent, non-partisan voice advocating for critical legislation and policies affecting women and their families.

Here are a few steps you can take to stay informed about legislation you care about and to let your legislators know your position. 

JOIN MLAW to support an independent voice for women’s and family issues.  Click here to download a membership form:

SIGN UP for MLAW’s list serve to receive information, updates, alerts, and other information of interest. Email and ask to be added to our list.

LEARN MORE about the issues you care about.

CONTACT YOUR LEGISLATORS during the session:

  • Call, write, e-mail, fax or visit legislators to express your support or opposition to legislation. You can find who your state legislators are, their contact information, copies of bills, hearing schedules and more at
  • Contact the lead group or groups to find out more about what you can do to support or oppose legislative proposals or other issues.
  • Attend a legislative hearing and be a visible supporter.
  • Submit written or give oral testimony.
  • Find out how your legislators voted – and hold them accountable – by letters or by your next opportunity to vote for them.

SPREAD THE WORD – promote the MLAW Agenda and other issues to friends and colleagues and encourage them to take action.

MAINTAIN FOCUS on key areas: health care, reproductive rights, economics, family law, domestic and sexual violence.

PARTICIPATE – and build women’s collective power.

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