About MLAW

The Maryland Legislative Agenda for Women (MLAW) is a  statewide coalition of women’s groups and individuals formed to provide a non-partisan, independent, voice for Maryland women and families. The group advocates for progressive legislation and policy that promotes and protects the well being of Maryland women and their families and provides them opportunities to develop their full potential.

Our Vision: Maryland women and their families have a right, by law, to an adequate and sustainable quality of life and an opportunity to develop their full potential.

Our Guiding Principles:

  • An adequate standard of living regardless of ability to work or achieve financial independence
  • Personal safety at home, school and the workplace
  • Freedom from discrimination in Maryland’s economic, educational, judicial, political, and social system
  • Equal access to quality health care and reproductive services
  • Safe and affordable child and dependant care
  • A quality, public education
  • Equitable and responsible implementation and enforcement of rights and prhttps://mdlegagendaforwomen.files.wordpress.com/2021/06/mlaw-legislative-history-2021.pdfotections provided by existing law
  • Elimination of discriminatory policies and practices based on age, ethnicity, gender, physical abilities and attributes, race, and sexual orientation
  • Family-friendly employment practices

Click here to download our Statement on Racism: MLAW Statement on Racism

Click here to download a history of MLAW including our legislative accomplishments: MLAW History 2021

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