Thank You for Attending MLAW’s Fall Conference! Wrap Up and Next Steps

Thank you!  Many thanks for attending MLAW’s Fall Agenda Conference on Saturday. It was so great to see you all in person after two years of Zoom. It was truly a busy, yet productive day and we are excited that so many of you joined us.  We would like to know what you thought of the conference so please take a minute to complete a short survey

Photos from the event are posted on our Facebook page with more being added.  You can view them in our 2022 Conference Album.  Please feel free to tag yourself or friends and share on your wall. 

Thank you to the advocates and legislators who presented their legislative proposals for the upcoming 2023 session of the Maryland General Assembly. Fifteen bills in all were presented.  Of these bills, 6-8 will make up MLAW’s 2023 Agenda.

Many thanks to our local elected officials who took time from their busy schedules to join our conference: Senator Susan Lee, Delegate Ariana Kelly, Delegate Terri Hill, Delegate Bonnie Cullison, Delegate Sandy Bartlett, Delegate Pam Queen, Delegate Shaneka Henson, Delegate Lesley Lopez, Delegate Nicole Williams, Delegate-Elect Pam Guzzone, and Delegate-elect Karen Simpson.

We are in the process of preparing a ballot to all MLAW members in good standing to vote on the issues that were presented at the conference.  Not all initiatives will be included in the 2023 Agenda; in fact, we will select only 6-8 from the 15 submitted.  Your voice in this process is important!  If you are not a current member of MLAW, please join or renew your membership today so that you can vote on the issues important to you and which you think should comprise the Agenda.  A membership form is on our website. Ballots will be sent on a rolling basis until the voting deadline.

To read about the issues that were presented at the conference, you can view or download the proposal packet on our website.

If you would like to add your name in support of the 2023 Agenda, and have your name listed in our Agenda Document, please complete this very simple form.

Finally, if you are not on our email listserv, please join! We communicate exclusively through email so it is important to be on MLAW’s list.  During the session, you will receive important legislative alerts that require your action.  You will also receive news and information about our events, like our upcoming Legislative Briefing, date TBA.  To join our email list, simply send an email to us at and ask to be added.

Thank you to our sponsors who made this event possible!  Without them, the conference would not be possible. Download our beautiful program booklet here.

Thank you again for your participation on Saturday. We look forward to working with you during the legislation session to pass the laws that will improve the lives of Maryland’s women and families!

MLAW Board of Directors

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