Call for Legislative Proposals for the 2022 Agenda

MLAW will host its annual Fall Agenda Conference Turning Crisis Into Opportunity: Building a Stronger Care Infrastructure online via Zoom on Saturday, November 13, 2021.

MLAW is encouraging organizations (lead groups) and legislators to submit legislative proposals for consider at the conference. Selected legislation will comprise our 2022 Legislative Agenda.  Legislation must meet the following criteria: 
*Addresses an issue related to women’s health, women’s personal safety at home, in public, in school, and in the workplace; the ability to achieve and maintain economic independence; or freedom from discrimination in Maryland’s economic, educational, judicial, political, and social system;
*Can be addressed through the legislation in the Maryland General Assembly;
*Has a reasonable chance to move successfully through the legislative process;
*Has at least one legislative sponsor Has an identifiable, sustainable lead group that can shepherd the bill. The lead group must be a Maryland-based group or a national group with a strong on-the-ground presence in Maryland and have issue-area expertise and/or a track record of supporting legislation/advocacy in areas related to this proposal.  

All proposals MUST be submitted no later than Monday, November 1st. Because we are hosting a virtual conference this year, we need information well in advance of the event.   

To submit a proposal, complete this online form. Please note that all information must be entered at one time into this Google form. You cannot save it and come back later to finish. A helpful tip is to type out your narrative answers in a Word document and paste them into the form. If you have submitted a proposal in the past, we have added a few questions and changes this year. To view a sample of how the information you provide will be presented at our conference, please view our 2021 Agenda document.   For questions or help, contact Jessica at

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