Sign On to Support MLAW’s Agenda

In November, leaders of state-wide organizations and advocates addressing issues of concern to women of Maryland participated in a conference to identify potential legislative initiatives for the 2018 Maryland General Assembly.   Those initiatives then constituted a ballot which members of MLAW considered.  Members were asked to vote on the top initiatives for the MLAW Legislative Agenda 2018.

The MLAW Board of Directors reviewed the results of the balloting and identified issues that will comprise the 2018 MLAW Legislative Agenda.  The issues selected are listed below and described in more detail on our website.

HB1/SB2 Rape Survivor Family Protection Act

HB301/SB270 Repeat Sexual Predator Prevention Act

SB491/HB1303 Final Permanent Protective Orders

SB869/HB1267 Motion to Vacate Judgment – Human Trafficking

SB629/HB787 Pregnant Inmates – Medical Care

HB1109 Discrimination in Employment – Conditions

HB512/SB377 Pay Scales and Wage History Information

* Job-Protected Leave

The most powerful advocacy tool for the Agenda is your signature as a supporter.  Organizations and individuals are invited to sign on as a supporter of the 2018 Agenda.  We also encourage you to invite your friends and colleagues to sign on.  A list of supporters will be attached to the document before it is distributed to legislators and the public, as well as included on our website. The document will be released at our Legislative Reception and Briefing and will be distributed to all legislators.

Cooperative action is the basis upon which MLAW operates.  One voice is important but the collective voices of many impacts public policy and enables advocates and legislators to demonstrate concern and support for women’s issues.  Make your voice count for women and their families in the 2018 session of the Maryland General Assembly. 

To add your name to the list of supporters, complete this simple online form or simply email your name exactly as it should appear to  If you would like to add multiple names of friends or colleagues who give you permission to add their names, please email them as well.  Spread the word and ask others to support this agenda.


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