Hot Topics and Legislation for the 2017 Legislative Session

Please click to view the detailed description of the proposals that were submitted at the 2016 Fall Agenda Conference for consideration.  2017-proposals.

Rape Survivor Family Protection Act
Rape and Physical Resistance
Domestic Violence and Protective Orders
Maryland Tort Claims Act – Claim Requirement (Sexual Assault in the Workplace)
Dispute Resolution – Child Care Providers and Children with Disabilities
Early Childhood – Ban on Public School Suspension & Expulsion
Free School Meals for All Low-Income Students
Protecting Renting Families Act
“Women on Board” Bill-Corporate Board Gender Diversity Requirements
Equal Pay Salary History and Salary Range
Maryland Healthy Working Families Act
Fair Scheduling Act
Reasonable Accommodations for Pregnant Workers
Restoration of Former Name after Divorce
Patient’s Bill of Rights
Universal Voter Registration Act


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